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PECB signs a partnership agreement with Africa Global Intellect 

March 9, 2018 –PECB, an ISO certification and training company, announced that they have recently signed a partnership agreement with Africa Global Intellect. This partnership will deliver significant benefits to enterprises at competitive prices, by providing best practices of ISO standards in South Africa.
“Partnering with Africa Global Intellect will give us a unique, valuable opportunity to assure that our customers acquire the necessary expertise to help them better prepare for their future,” said Eric Lachapelle, CEO of PECB. “The goal of this partnership is to help customers apply the training skills learned in PECB courses to solve real-world issues and, ultimately, show them how these training courses directly relate to their career interests and aspirations. We want professionals to be able to answer all WH questions,” added Lachapelle.

Upcoming Events

Smart Farming Tech Symposium

15th -17th August 2018

ARC AP Irene Centurion

Bonsami Auditorium.

The future of ‘Smart' farming - leveraging digital technology to farm more efficiently - is inextricably linked to our ability to ‘connect’ farms via the internet. 'Smart' farming depends on exchanging data with, within and between farms. The speed of connection is critical and if we don't have adequate bandwidth in regional Australia we will miss out on the third wave of the internet.    READ MORE/conferences

Storm Water Drainage Design and Sanitary Sewer Workshop

Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani 30July-1 August 2018

Cape-town Southern Sun Water- Front 25-27September

Validation number : CESA-1211-10/2020

Eighty percent of a municipality's problems are caused by twenty percent of its sanitary sewers and storm water drainage systems. The best way to avoid the majority of future problems is to pay greater attention to them during the design phase. This 3-day workshop is intended for understanding of sanitary sewer and storm water drainage systems design. READ MORE/workshops-and-masterclasses

Groundwater Modelling For Arid And Semi- Arid Regions   

18-22 August 2018,
HB Connect Conferencing and Events Sandton

Groundwater modelling is a practice which involves creating a model of a groundwater system .This is usually accomplished on a computer, using specialized software which has been specifically designed for the purpose of groundwater modelling. Groundwater models can also be drawn out on paper or constructed in the form of three dimensional models, although these practices are increasingly rare now that a variety of software products are available.READ MORE/workshops-and-masterclasses

Reverse Osmosis Plant Operation, Control & Pre Treatment
Maintenance Workshop
Venue: Southern Sun Cape Sun Cape Town
Date: 29th -31st August 2018
RO technology provides high purity water by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane that filters out dissolved solids and other impurities RO technology is used in applications where high purity water is essential including boiler feed water filtering, product rinsing, microelectronics production, laboratory testing, biotechnology, and other processes that require highly purified water.READ MORE/workshops-and-masterclasses

Women In Research Science and Education Summit

Southern Sun Hydepark

16th-17th August 2018

Conference Overview

Women remain massively under-represented in research, science and in leadership positions in higher education; in Sub Saharan Africa. The evidence is that there is still an acute shortage of senior women in the academic world; and in research and science in the continent. Thus, there is a need to promote leadership and management development for women in research, science and academia at all levels. The experiences of women in the academic world cannot be ignored as they bring a unique contribution which can maximize a university’s potential and its strategic positioning. The input from women in research and senior positions can help develop an understanding of how strategic growth and development for women can be cultivated in higher education and other research institutions. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to map out a comparative regional and international approach to the place of women in different academic disciplines, but also within the administrative staff drawing on existing quantitative data. It also seeks to identify the enduring obstacles in women’s careers, while bringing to light and evaluating the variety of programs that promote gender equality within the academic world. The conference is an incredible network of women academics and it provides an excellent forum for discussion of issues related to women in educational, leadership, research and development.

It is hoped that the conference would provide a space to reflect on the nature, the purpose and the role of women education researchers, scientists and educators at present. The gathering will urge attendees to call on education experts and policy makers to encourage, empower and engage African women to be actively involved in research, science and leadership positions in academia.

Benefits of Attending

vDealing with Women Representation in Higher Positions in the Academic Sector

vHighlighting the Role of a Woman to Facilitate Change and Ensure Leadership in Academia

vDealing with the Inequitable Distribution of Access to Education and Opportunities

vStrengthen the knowledge and skills of women to enable them to assume institutional leadership roles competitively in higher education institutions.

vCanvass for the leadership and management development for women in higher education in Sub Saharan Africa.

vCelebrate the role of women in research and consolidate their leadership role in knowledge production.

vEncourage women researchers to work in critical areas to provide new policy direction for the African continent.

vLook at innovative ways to increase the number of women in postgraduate studies and research in science, engineering and technology.

vRecognize the role of women in research, and introducing appropriate interventions to fast-track the development of women researchers.

vDealing with Women Representation in Higher Positions in the Academic Sector

vHandling stage fright and using your current challenges as a stepping stone to success

vWorking together to ensure merger, transformation and change agenda in the participation of women in top management position

vBalancing women involvement in management and at home to ensure leadership role at work is sky high

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  • Information Security Management Systems (Lead Implimenter)
  • Implementation & management of a Cybersecurity
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Food Safety Management Systems (Lead Implimenter)
  • Social Responsibility Programs (Lead Auditor)
  • Social Responsibility Programs (Lead Implimenter)
  • Disaster Recovery Services (Recovery Manager)
  • Risk Management Process (Lead Risk Manager)

Management Skills for New Managers

Management Skills for New Supervisors
Successfully Managing People
Making the Transition to Management
Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor
Confronting the Tough Stuff -Management Skills for Supervisors